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Clip of Prince Harry reciting Christina Aguilera’s “Genie In A Bottle” is making the rounds, but I’m more distracted by his wild drug addiction

Prince Harry is full of some wild stories, and we got to learn about a whole bunch of them when his book Reserve came out swinging with his wild revelations and accusations. But there are also plenty of fun facts about the Duke of Sussex, one of which is his love of pop music.

However, the Internet made sure to call him out on his pop facts when he misquoted Christina Aguilera’s hit “Genie in a Bottle.” While people are fixated on this lyrical mishap, I’m more distracted by the drugs he took during this story.

A reader posted the excerpt from Reserve where Prince Harry further recalls this Aguilera story Twitter which contained both the lyrical mishap and the drugs. The prince began the chapter by writing:

The next day we went to another house party, inland, although the air still smelled of the sea. More tequila, more names thrown at me and more mushrooms. We all started playing some kind of game, some kind of charades, I think. Someone gave me a joint, great, I had a blast. Looked at the washed out creamy blue California sky. Someone tapped me on the shoulder and said they wanted me to meet Christina Aguilera.

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