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Nick Cannon has responded to Jimmy Kimmel’s Oscar joke linking his large number of children to Avatar 2

It’s been a few months Nick Cannon’s 12th child was born, and there is no news so far of more on the way. Just kidding though The Masked Singer host to fathering so many children with multiple women seems to be the bit that never gets old. Jimmy Kimmel had some fun at the actor’s expense during the 95th Academy Awards, joking about the role his offspring played in Avatar: The Way of Waters box office receipts, and Cannon has commented on what he thought of the humorous dig.

During the Oscars, presenter Jimmy Kimmel didn’t shy away from Will Smith references beat Chris Rock during last year’s ceremony (in fact banter was actually reduced), but Oscar scandal was far from the only pop culture topic the comedian addressed. Kimmel combined two topics that were in the news a lot over the past year – the release of Avatar 2 and the birth of five more Cannon babies – when he said:

Avatar: The Way of Water was the most expensive movie ever made. Disney spent $2 billion to make this movie. Just to break even, all of Nick Cannon’s children had to watch Avatar four times.


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